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Bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision for people or businesses facing debt issues. Often times, a debtor simply needs some form of relief from their current financial situation. However, not every person or business is the same and luckily, bankruptcy can provide several alternatives that can best suit the needs of the debtor. For instance, an individual may look toward a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to discharge debt in a quick and easy process, assuming they pass the Means Test. Alternatively, a debtor may need the help of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows an individual to stop a foreclosure and set up a payment plan to pay their debts, often times at a significant discount. Lastly, a business may find that Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best means of reorganizing debt in hopes of emerging as a leaner and better business.

One of our experienced attorneys can help you make the best decision and then guide you through this process. Bankruptcy is generally regarded as one of the more complicated practice areas of law, and therefore it is essential to find an attorney that is not only competent, but for whom you feel comfortable with this difficult decision. Often times, a debtor is concerned about losing property, worried about wage garnishment, and may have many misconceptions about bankruptcy. Even more important, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help explain alternatives to bankruptcy and point out when bankruptcy may be the only remaining option.

***** 11 U.S.C. 528(a)(4) NOTICE. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.*****

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