Board Certified Family Law Specialization

The general public understands that Marvin attorneys are regulated and governed by the State Bar of their specific state; in our case, the North Carolina State Bar governs local attorneys. Accordingly, attorneys practicing within the state, whether in Marvin or somewhere else, are required to pass the North Carolina bar exam and then must be vetted by North Carolina State Bar prior to being licensed to practice law in the state.

Moreover, the North Carolina State Bar provides services beyond licensure of attorneys wishing to practice in the state. The services of the North Carolina State Bar are provided both to citizens of the state as well as licensed attorneys. One additional service includes identifying, vetting, and regulating certain lawyers categorized as “specializing” in their specific area of law. The North Carolina Board of Legal Specialization handles this in particular.

Board Certified Specializations

Family law is one of many specific areas of legal practice that is a recognized specialization by the North Carolina State Bar. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we have divorce and family law attorneys who are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law recognized by the North Carolina State Bar.

Once people realize that North Carolina has a board specialization in family law, many wonder what the requirements are to successfully become certified. There are numerous requirements in the state of North Carolina. Indeed, the process may take several months. Candidates who wish to seek board certification as a Family Law Specialist must put forth a tremendous amount of effort to succeed.

In order to even apply for board specialization, the attorney must be licensed with the North Carolina State Bar and in good standing. Second, the applicant must be substantially involved in the area of practice (i.e., family law). Typically, this translates to five years, at a minimum, of practice in the specific area of law. Third, within three years immediately preceding the attorney’s application for certification the lawyer must partake a specific amount of continuing legal education with respect to the sought specialization. Fourth, the applicant attorney must satisfactorily demonstrate that he or she has the ability in the area of specialization; this is done through peer recommendation from fellow attorneys. Finally, the applicant attorney must pass a written examination on the specific area of the law for which he or she is seeking specialization.

Why Board Certification?

There are several benefits to securing a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. First, the designation shows that the attorney has exhibited to the North Carolina Board of Legal Specialization that he or she is proficient in family law and divorce matters and the applicable state law. This means the attorney is well versed in issues regarding North Carolina divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution. The board specialization also includes matters that are governed by the Uniform Child Custody and Jurisdiction Act. This Act instructs where interstate child custody cases must be initiated. Moreover, board certification also includes matters involving domestic violence protective orders and other restraining orders that include both family law and criminal law issues. Finally, a board certified attorney must show that he or she has proficiency in the areas of law including the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the Hague Convention.

This degree of proficiency and accountability is essential when choosing a divorce or family law attorney. When you or someone you care about is going through a tough and transformational time such as separation and divorce, do not leave your choice of a Marvin family lawyer to mere chance. Today, it can be challenging to successfully separate and recognize skillful and accomplished divorce lawyers from those who have great advertising budgets and little substantive knowledge and skill. When you hire a North Carolina family law specialist, you can be certain that this attorney has met the highest standards for specialization in family law by the North Carolina State Bar. In short, these board certified attorneys not only know what they are doing but they also do it quite well. When the stakes are so high, do not take risks with a mediocre or incompetent attorney. Instead, ensure you are taken care of by hiring an attorney who specializes in North Carolina family and divorce law.

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