Family Law and Divorce

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we are dedicated to having one of the strongest and most experienced family law practices in North Carolina. Our family law attorneys devote their entire practice to the various needs and family law matters that our clients may face. Family law is a term usually used to describe legal matters pertaining to mothers, fathers, children, and other family members. While divorce and separation are the most common types of family law cases, the term refers to a wide range of legal matters. These issues can be very stressful, dealing with the most personal and difficult facets of one’s life. Our attorneys have experience dealing with these issues and are prepared to help you get through any situation.

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we take a case by case approach and give each client’s specific case the utmost attention. We are prepared to develop a tailored plan for each client’s particular circumstances. While our attorneys are known for their aggressive approach in litigation, the best solution for our clients in many cases may be to try to reach an agreement with their spouse. Litigation can be very time consuming, expensive, and emotionally difficult. Our attorneys have experience in negotiation and mediation in order to help find the best solutions for our clients without always going to court.

In other cases, however, litigation may be the best option. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, our attorneys are prepared to fight on your behalf. From child custody and child support to divorce and equitable distribution, our attorneys have the wealth of experience to give you a leg up in any proceeding. We will take on every family law matter enthusiastically and will not hesitate to take an aggressive approach on your behalf.

In any situation, our attorneys are skilled in successfully resolving difficult problems. We will give the utmost attention to the concerns and goals of our clients and their families. By developing creative solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs and circumstances, our attorneys will minimize the emotional stress of the situation and help our clients transition into the future.

Family law issues are almost always very complex. As a result, trying to navigate through the court system alone can be a very difficult experience. It is important that you seek qualified legal advice from an experienced attorney in order help you determine the best course of action. Our attorneys will advise you of the procedures related to your case and will help save you time and effort throughout the process. If you have plans to separate or are facing any family law matter contact Arnold & Smith, PLLC today. Our attorneys are eager to assist you and are prepared to advocate on your behalf.