The Worst Possible Timing to Get Divorced in North Carolina

Like so many other aspects of life, timing is everything when it comes to divorce. While some spouses may simply want to leave their marriages as quickly as possible, it may be beneficial to choose specific moments to file for divorce, separate, and conclude the equitable distribution process. Instead of asking yourself what the “best” time to get divorced might be, you might want to consider the “worst” possible moments to get divorced. Avoiding these potential pitfalls may provide a range of benefits.

Bad Timing From an Emotional Standpoint

Sometimes, getting divorced at the wrong time simply causes emotional issues. As you might have guessed, a divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through in North Carolina. The emotional burden is quite high, and spouses should always strive to address any potential mental health issues during this process. Because of these potential issues, it makes sense to limit any other emotional burdens during this time. Ideally, spouses should deal with other high-stress situations before moving on to their divorces.

This is one of the reasons many spouses choose to divorce in January. After the New Year passes, spouses can put the stressful holiday period behind them and focus entirely on their divorce. Going through a divorce while simultaneously dealing with family events and childcare obligations during the holidays is not ideal for obvious reasons. In addition, many spouses wish to avoid the embarrassment of publicly revealing their divorce to family or friends during large get-togethers.

For the same reason, it might also be a smart move to avoid a divorce until after major family events, such as weddings, graduations, or anniversaries.

Bad Timing From a Financial Standpoint

Interestingly, it also makes sense to wait until after January from a financial perspective. January is always a good month to turn over a new leaf financially. This might include getting a new job, starting a new business, or getting divorced. This will make tax season much easier, and you can divide your pre-divorce financial activities from your post-separation transactions with ease.

In addition, January often marks the arrival of new promotions, bonuses, and other work-related changes. Depending on whether you are receiving or paying alimony/child support, it might make sense to divorce before or after January for this reason.

Putting January aside, there are many other situations that may represent poor timing for a divorce. Another obvious example is if spouses are in the midst of selling a family business. As a general rule, it always makes sense to tie up loose financial ends before proceeding with your divorce. Finalize the sale of your business before moving on to your divorce, and you can expect far less complexity (and lower legal fees).

Considerations for Child Psychology

There may also be some moments that put unreasonable amounts of stress on children. As with the spouses themselves, it makes sense to deal with other sources of stress before moving on to divorce. Overloading your child with many different stressful situations at the same time may cause serious psychological issues. For example, they may have recently suffered some kind of traumatic event, such as a car accident. Their grandparents may have recently passed away. Even the death of a pet can cause additional issues for children who suddenly find themselves in a situation where their lives are falling apart around them.

Timing is Not Always the Most Important Thing

With all that said, there are some situations in which spouses must “bite the bullet” and move forward with their divorces, even if the moment is not perfect. There is no sense in staying in a stressful or abusive marriage simply to enjoy a few minor financial benefits. If you do not feel safe in your marriage, you should proceed with divorce as soon as possible. In addition, you should consider a restraining order if you are dealing with violence or the threat of violence. Sometimes, taking your first steps toward a new life is more important than putting your affairs in order.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Divorce Attorney in North Carolina?

While internet research is certainly a positive first step, it may be difficult to determine the right moment to get divorced without consulting with a legal professional. If you have been searching for an experienced divorce attorney in North Carolina, consider getting in touch with Arnold & Smith, PLLC. During your consultation, we can discuss your unique situation and determine when might be a good time to end your marriage. Reach out today to get started.