Choosing a DWI Lawyer

Experiencing an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Weddington, North Carolina can be an extremely stressful, time consuming, and an unfortunate event for you and loved ones. If you or someone you know is convicted of a Weddington DWI, the potential consequences include possible jail time, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, monetary fines, court costs, installment of an interlock ignition device, and a DWI conviction on your criminal record. These severe - and often life-long consequences - that arise out of a DWI conviction are exactly why you should contact a highly experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyer.

Experience Matters

A skilled and knowledgeable Weddington, North Carolina criminal defense attorney experienced in DWI cases can protect your interests throughout the judicial process following a criminal charge. It is not sufficient, however, to simply hire an attorney. Your liberty and future depends upon selecting a lawyer who is knowledgeable and effective. Doing so is critical in making sure you receive the best possible outcome considering the specific facts of your case. As a result, there are several factors that you or someone you know should consider when determining who will handle your North Carolina DWI case.

Not surprisingly, there is no substitute for experience. Indeed, criminal defense lawyers who have defended DWI arrests and regularly defend these types of criminal cases and arrests are familiar with the local judicial system. Such a knowledgeable attorney knows all of the defenses available to you and will be able to provide the most effective legal representation. Years of legal criminal defense experience will ensure an attorney will understand how the local legal process works as well as which arguments are the most likely to be successful with a prosecutor or judge in a courtroom.

Available Defenses

A North Carolina attorney with several years of experience defending DWI charges will have the legal knowledge necessary to build and put together a strong defense and legal arguments for a dismissal of arrest or reduction of charges. Under North Carolina law, several aspects of a DWI charge and arrest can be challenged. It is key that these legal issues are identified and highlighted as problems with the prosecutor’s case. Some defenses that can be used in your DWI case defense include:

  • Violation of the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures;
  • Improper DWI checkpoints;
  • Poor breathalyzer calibration;
  • Failure to adhere to proper administration procedures; and
  • Lack of mandatory Miranda warnings.

The above list are only a few of the defenses an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney can employ when fighting for the best result in you or your loved one’s DWI case.

Familiarity with District Attorneys and Judges

Establishment of a good working relationship with local district attorneys prosecuting your DWI case as well as the judges presiding over cases is helpful when defending criminal charges. It is true that a skilled local criminal defense attorney who has worked with area prosecutors and judges over the years has likely developed good and clear lines of communication. Also, the attorney will be familiar with how the prosecutors work, what plea deals they may be willing to offer, as well as his or her style of communication and negotiation - all of which will help to facilitate a reasonable resolution to the matter. Likewise, an experienced local attorney who has previously argued several times in front of certain judges will know which defenses are more likely to succeed, and how to effectively argue those defenses in front of the judge presiding over the matter.

Familiarity with the judicial system also allows an experienced attorney to assert his or her client’s rights and liberty interests. Local defense attorneys are familiar with the ins-and-outs of North Carolina courthouses, can navigate and avoid any legal traps, and know whom to reach out to for information and evidence. Moreover, because different courts and jurisdictions practice different local rules and sentencing options, it is critical that your criminal defense attorney understands all of the special rules and considerations that need to be looked at during representation and prior to any resolution of your criminal matter.

What to Look for

There are several things you should look at when considering whom to hire as your criminal defense attorney. Perhaps the best indicator of the effectiveness of a DWI attorney is his or her personal track record regarding prior matters. If he or she has a high rate of successful dismissals on behalf of clients, the attorney is an effective one. One way to research this is to read client reviews as well as peer attorney reviews on websites such as Avvo, Martindale and Google review pages. When researching these sites look for the attorney’s background, practice areas, and ratings.

Choosing a DWI defense attorney is an important and personal matter. The criminal defense attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC have years of experience handling DWI matters and are prepared to defend your liberty.