Defending Against Criminal Charges in Federal Court

When facing criminal charges, the jurisdiction of prosecution can significantly impact penalties. Federal charges often result in harsher consequences than state charges. It is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney if facing federal charges or under federal investigation. Federal Crimes include drug trafficking, white-collar crimes, fraud, cybercrime, organized crime, terrorism, and violations of federal statutes. These cases are handled by federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, IRS, or DOJ. Federal sentencing guidelines consider the offense and criminal history for mandatory minimum sentences, potentially resulting in longer prison terms and higher fines.

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Defending Charges in Federal Court

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Common Examples of Federal Criminal Charges

In some cases, crimes can be charged at state and federal levels. For example, North Carolina has laws on controlled substances, and the federal government has laws. One common federal offense is the illegal distribution of drugs, which falls under 21 United States Code §841.

Another example of a federal crime involves using technology to defraud others, such as engaging in white-collar crimes like fraud and insider trading or committing cyber crimes like intercepting wire communications or unauthorized computer use. Additionally, there are various other federal charges that individuals can face, including terrorism, sedition, bribery, money laundering, public corruption, sex crimes like rape and solicitation of a minor, as well as drug trafficking or conspiracy.

Selling or distributing a controlled substance is a federal offense under 21 United States Code §841. Examples of other federal crimes include using technology to defraud, such as white-collar crimes like fraud and insider trading, and cyber crimes involving intercepting wire communications and unauthorized computer use.

  • Terrorism
  • Sedition
  • Bribery
  • Money laundering
  • Public corruption
  • Sex crimes, such as rape and solicitation of a minor
  • Drug trafficking or conspiracy
How Are Federal Criminal Charges Different Than State Criminal Charges?

Federal criminal charges differ from state charges in several ways. The federal criminal justice system operates independently from state courts, including North Carolina ones. Laws governing federal offenses may vary from those outlined in state law. Federal prosecutors handle cases involving violations of federal law, and a defendant can potentially face charges at both the state and federal levels for the same crime. For instance, drug possession can be considered illegal under both state and federal law. However, if the transportation of controlled substances across state lines is involved, the federal government tends to take a greater interest in prosecuting the offense.

Furthermore, the potential penalties for a conviction can vary depending on whether the defendant faces state or federal charges. The federal government imposes strict mandatory minimum sentences for drug charges, often leading to more severe penalties than state-level punishments. It is essential to recognize these distinctions and seek the guidance of experienced legal professionals when facing federal criminal charges to navigate the specific laws and potential consequences of federal offenses.

Are All Federal Crimes Felonies?

Felony crimes are more severe than misdemeanors because they carry over a year of jail time for those convicted. Although most federal crimes that receive attention in the media are significant offenses, not all federal offenses are felonies. There are also misdemeanor charges under federal law. When state misdemeanor offenses occur on federal property, the federal government can prosecute a defendant based on a state law violation. For example, suppose a DUI case occurs at Marine Corps Camp Lejeune. In that case, a federal magistrate could decide on the case. 

Defendants should work with an attorney who can build a robust legal defense for misdemeanor and felony federal offenses. It is important to remember that federal law differs from North Carolina law in sentencing. Most states will apply a specific sentencing range to each type of criminal offense. Under federal law, there is a maximum and minimum penalty. The particular sentence within that range will vary due to several factors. Some conditions can increase or lessen the defendant's criminal penalties within the range allowed by the statute.

The sentencing guideline structure works as a point-based system. Factors such as private convictions and the significance of the defendant's role in the alleged crime can impact how many points you accrue and the severity of your sentence. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney can help reduce the points you may receive and lessen the severity of your punishment in case of conviction.

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When facing federal charges, seek legal representation immediately to avoid serious consequences such as imprisonment, fines, and a criminal record. The lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, have extensive knowledge of federal criminal law and a proven record of successfully defending clients. If you are facing a federal crime charge, seek legal representation immediately. Arnold & Smith, PLLC, offers consultations where their experienced attorneys will evaluate your case, explain your options and defenses, and guide you.