How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Gray Divorce

A gray divorce happens when one or both spouses are over the age of 50. Many people who go through a gray divorce have been married for 20 or more years. Gray divorce has become more common than ever. More older Americans get divorced than younger Americans. Going through a gray divorce can be extremely emotional and financially difficult.

Separating two lives that have been intertwined for a long time can be devastating. Additionally, gray divorce comes with serious financial consequences. Older Americans do not have as much time to build up their retirement accounts, or financially rebuild their lives, a prospect that creates additional stress.

Hiring an Experienced Lawyer Will Give You Peace of Mind

Hiring the right attorney to represent you through your gray divorce is extremely important. Going through a gray divorce is stressful enough on its own. Knowing that your lawyer is competently representing you throughout the process will give you peace of mind. Whether you are the spouse who wants the divorce, or your spouse wants a divorce, it is important to seek the help of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. The more time your lawyer has to prepare, the better.

Recover from the Shock of Gray Divorce

If your spouse comes to you and asks for a divorce, you will likely be in shock as a first response. If you are the spouse who would like to get a divorce, you likely also experienced a shock after making that decision, especially if you have been married for a long time. After the shock wears off, your first thought is likely that you need to hire a divorce attorney. A simple Google search will reveal so many Charlotte divorce attorneys that it can quickly become overwhelming. Our skilled and knowledgeable gray divorce attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are ready to help guide you through the divorce process.

Decide What Divorce Process You Would Like

It is important to consider whether you would like to use mediation, go through a collaborative divorce, or some other divorce process. If you and your spouse are not on speaking terms, or you know that you will not be able to agree on important decisions, you will probably need to go through divorce litigation. It is important to match your divorce lawyer with the divorce process you would like to have. If your spouse has already hired an aggressive litigation attorney, it is important to do the same. You will need to hire an attorney who can effectively represent your rights in a high conflict divorce.

Consider Your Budget

The average divorce in the United States costs $15,000 per person. It is important to note that you cannot predict how much a divorce will cost at the outset. Nobody looks forward to spending thousands of dollars on a divorce lawyer. However, it is important to spend the money you need to in order to hire a high-quality attorney. Hiring a skilled attorney can save you significant money in the long term. A skilled attorney will fight for all your interests, including your financial interests. Hiring the cheapest attorney you can find can backfire and cause you to lose more money than you save. At the same time, you need to make sure that you truly can afford to hire your attorney.

Use Internet Searches Wisely

During your search for a lawyer, be sure to review their website and the biographies of the attorneys who will represent you. The internet is a great way to look at your options and gather information, but the best way to choose a lawyer is to consult with the lawyer in person.

At the consultation, focus on what the attorney tells you as far as your options and legal strategy. Ask the lawyer about their experience and successes when it comes to gray divorce.

Hire a Lawyer with Experience in Charlotte Divorce Cases

You do not need to hire a lawyer who only represents clients in divorce cases. However, you do need to hire a lawyer who is familiar with North Carolina’s divorce laws and procedures. You will need to hire someone who has experience in the area of gray divorce. Some of our attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are board-certified specialists in the area of family law. This means they focus their practice almost exclusively on family law and have extensive experience in aspects of family law.

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