What Are the Best Negotiating Tactics for a High Conflict Divorce in North Carolina?

There are many important aspects of a divorce, but the negotiation process can have some of the most notable overall consequences. Most couples in Mooresville try hard to negotiate a divorce settlement out of court, and this makes a lot of sense. After all, there is no sense in going to trial if you can agree on most aspects of your divorce out of court. However, negotiating becomes tricky when you are dealing with a high conflict divorce in North Carolina. When spouses are stubborn and combative, the negotiation process can seem like an exercise in futility.

Before you approach the negotiation table, you should team up with the most qualified and experienced divorce attorney you can possibly find in Iredell County. These legal professionals will give you a significant advantage as you negotiate. After all, you cannot negotiate effectively unless your side has a complete understanding of all the laws at play. A skilled attorney can also employ tactics that you might not have considered previously.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Get in the Way

Effective negotiations are built on a solid understanding of the facts at play and a mindset that is unrestrained by the burdens of emotions. While divorces can certainly be stressful, spouses who want to negotiate effectively should leave their emotions at the door. You might feel like a negotiation is your excuse to blow off some steam and hurl accusations at your spouse. Resist this temptation as much as possible, as it will only damage your chances of a favorable outcome and increase costs to both parties. Instead, try to approach your negotiation with a calculated, efficient mindset.

Knowledge Is Power

The spouse who has a greater understanding of all the relevant facts almost always has an advantage in the negotiation room. Before you start making demands about assets, child custody, or any other aspect of your divorce, make sure that you understand them. Spend as much time as you need researching the various aspects of your divorce, including everything related to your finances. Your attorney can also help you understand the laws that may impact your divorce. When you have a solid grasp of this information, you can approach your goals in a more efficient mindset. You may discover that certain goals are not even worth pursuing, while others are much more achievable than you initially thought.

What Does a Winning Strategy Look Like?

While there are several tactics you can employ during the negotiation, the most important part of this process happens before anyone sits down and starts making demands. Before the negotiation, you should develop a detailed, effective strategy. Here is what a “winning strategy” would comprise of:

  • A Clear Understanding of Your Goals: Think about what you want to achieve during the negotiation. What are you willing to give up, and what do you want to keep hold of? Prioritize your assets and think about what it might mean if you lose them. When you understand exactly what you want from your divorce settlement, you can approach the negotiation with greater efficiency.
  • A Clear Understanding of Your Spouse: It is also just as important to think about what your former spouse wants. How will they approach negotiation? Which assets are most important to them? What might they be willing to give up? How will they try to achieve their goals, and how can you counter these strategies? Try to “get inside their head,” and your negotiation will go much smoother.
  • Know Your Limits: Before you set foot in the negotiating room, have a clear understanding of your limits. When your spouse crosses these boundaries, be ready to walk away. While being able to compromise is important, you also cannot let them walk all over you. Being prepared to walk away sends a strong message to the other side.
Enlist the Help of a Qualified Divorce Attorney Today

Negotiating with a stubborn former spouse is never easy, but this process will become less stressful when you have an experienced legal professional on your side. If you have been searching Iredell County for a qualified divorce attorney who can help you with this matter, look no further than Arnold & Smith, PLLC. We have helped many spouses in Mooresville reach favorable compromises and avoid drawn-out, stressful trials. With a number of proven negotiation strategies, we can help you walk away from your marriage in a confident, dignified manner.