Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer While Going Through a Gray Divorce

Gray divorces are those between spouses who are over the age of 50. Many people who seek a gray divorce have been married for several decades. Untangling a long life as a married couple can be incredibly challenging. If you are seeking a gray divorce in Charlotte, you will benefit from hiring an experienced gray divorce lawyer. You have worked hard to save for retirement, and you need a lawyer who will fight for your financial interests throughout the divorce process.

Representing yourself during a divorce can be tempting. The average divorce can cost multiple thousands of dollars and you may not want to lose any more of your retirement savings than you already will after the divorce. Or, you and your spouse might have agreed to go through an amicable divorce and have agreed that you will not need to hire lawyers. Even in those situations, it is wise to hire a lawyer to represent your best interests. Here are five reasons you should consider hiring a Charlotte gray divorce lawyer rather than attempting to represent yourself during your divorce.

You are Unfamiliar With North Carolina Courts

Even if you and your spouse can agree to the terms of your divorce, you are likely inexperienced with the Charlotte court system. Divorce litigants who represent themselves do not receive any special treatment from the North Carolina court system. Judges will hold them to the same standards that they hold lawyers to, in most cases. Even when a judge is patient, they are under constant time pressure. The judge may become impatient when having to guide you through the process, and that could negatively impact the outcome of your gray divorce.

If your spouse hires a divorce lawyer, you will be at even more of a disadvantage if you represent yourself. You will likely not be able to prepare evidence and present it to the court in a way that is effective, due to a lack of experience. Your spouse may also take advantage of you not knowing how to object to evidence that your spouse should not be allowed to present. In other words, you might jeopardize your case by stating or doing one thing wrong by representing yourself. Competent legal representation is a must in a gray divorce as they can often get extremely complicated with untangling years of marital property and finances.

You Need Someone to Objectively Represent Your Best Interests

Gray divorce is especially emotional because the couple has often spent decades building a life together. During extremely emotional times, it can be difficult to think objectively about your interests. An excellent attorney can productively take charge in the negotiations with your soon-to-be-ex spouse. If you represent yourself, your emotional state could prevent you from making the best possible choices during the litigation. Many people who go through divorces, especially gray divorces, report feelings of depression and anxiety. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you can keep a clear, level head during the process and separate yourself from the emotional side of the equation.

Throughout the process, an experienced lawyer can help you think through the positive and negative benefits of your strategy. When your emotions are running high, it is easy to do or say things that might seem vindictive or aggressive. After all, your livelihood and future are at stake, and it is understandable to be upset or emotional. A lawyer can act as a buffer between you and your spouse and help you prevent your understandable emotions from sabotaging your case.

Divorce Lawyers can Suggest Legal Strategies You Did Not Realize Existed

Without having a background in law, you likely do not even know of many of the legal strategies an experienced lawyer can use. An experienced family lawyer can offer you a variety of legally acceptable strategies and options to settle your gray divorce. If you or both you and your spouse represent yourselves, you will cause more work for yourself, your judge, and the court system. Lawyers know how to negotiate reasonable settlement proposals. If the proposal comes from the other side, your lawyer will let you know whether to settle, make a counterproposal, or litigate the divorce in court.

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