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Pineville, North Carolina

Pineville is a suburban small town in the southernmost part of Mecklenburg County. Situated directly between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Fort Mill, South Carolina, Pineville has an estimated population of 9,000. Although Pineville is now associated with the 1-million square foot Carolina Place Mall and the many adjacent shopping districts off Interstate 485, the town of Pineville still has its own feel apart from the massive retail space.

Economically, Pineville was changed forever when Interstate 485 opened in the early 1990s. Its passing through the northern side of the town sparked massive economic growth, particularly in retail. Large stretches of undeveloped land near the town’s I-485 exits were developed into nearly 8,000,000 square feet of retail space, becoming one of the largest shopping districts in North Carolina. Many Charlotte residents choose Carolina Place Mall to shop, and the mall also draws customers from across the state line due to its proximity to the border. Also on the border is the Carowinds theme park, a popular summer attraction for Charlotteans. Although it sports a North Carolina address, a portion of the park lies across the border in Fort Mill. The park draws an estimated two million visitors to the Pineville area per year.

Culturally, Pineville is the birthplace of James K. Polk, the 11th U.S. President. The James K. Polk Birthplace State Historic Site features a log cabin similar to the one in which he was born. Pineville was home to a cotton mill in the early and mid-1900s, and what is now called Old Pineville was a bustling commercial area. Today, this area is home to many restaurants and small business shops, preserving a small-town feel.

Situated in Mecklenburg County, Pineville is in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District. Schools in the area include Pineville Elementary, Quail Hollow Middle, and South Mecklenburg High School. South Mecklenburg High School is rated as the second best high school in the South Charlotte area, according to third party ranking site Carolina School Hub. Residents of Pineville also send their children to private schools just across the state line in South Carolina, due to Pineville’s close proximity to Fort Mill.

Just like their schools, Pineville is also under the Mecklenburg County court system. If you live in Pineville and have a court date, it will take place at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse at 832 East Fourth St, Charlotte, NC 28202. However, Pineville has a separate police department than Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the Pineville PD. Any attorney taking on a case in Pineville needs to be familiar with the local ordinances of Pineville that may differ from the rest of the county. The criminal attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, are knowledgeable about these differences, and are capable of handling a variety of criminal charges you might face in Pineville. Specifically, our attorneys can assist with:

  • Property crime (allegations of theft, breaking and entering, robbery, embezzlement, workplace theft, identity theft, fraud and other white-collar crimes)
  • Sex offenses (including sexual assault, rape, crimes against nature, questions about the sex offender registry, etc.)
  • Assault and issues related to domestic violence
  • Expungement requests
  • Drunk driving (DWI, DUI, boating while impaired, driver’s license suspension, driver’s license revocation, etc.)
  • Drugs (including possession, sale, and trafficking charges, and issues related to marijuana use and possession)
  • Traffic infractions (including speeding, seat belt issues, reckless driving, etc.)
  • Violent criminal matters (such as murder, felony murder and manslaughter)

In addition to our criminal expertise, the civil lawyers at Arnold & Smith can assist with a wide range of civil law issues that may arise in Pineville. Our work includes divorce and other family law issues, custody disputes, personal injury cases, and business disputes or litigation. More specifically, our attorneys can assist with issues including:

  • Issues concerning divorce and/or separation
  • Property division in divorce (including equitable distribution, valuation of marital property, determination of separate pre-marital property, etc.)
  • Issues concerning alienation of affection, infidelity, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and abandonment
  • Support-related matters (including spousal support, the impact of adultery on spousal support requests, lifetime alimony, support modification and termination requests, etc.)
  • Same-sex issues (including same-sex adoption, divorce and custody issues)
  • Adoption
  • Child support issues (such as the awarding of temporary child support, permanent child support, modification of child support orders, impact of job loss on child support, etc.)
  • Custody questions (including concerns about custody division, parenting agreements, visitation requests, custody modification requests, and termination of parental rights).
  • Personal injury issues (such as slip-and-fall injuries, car accident cases, truck accident cases, medical malpractice matters, product liability incidents, etc.)
  • Business disputes (such as contractual disagreements, claims of fraud or deceptive business practices)

Our attorneys are at home in the Mecklenburg County courts, having been founded in Charlotte in 2007. Our Mecklenburg County offices are located at 200 N McDowell Street just three blocks from the courthouse. If you need assistance with a legal matter in the Pineville, North Carolina area, do not hesitate to reach out to schedule your consultation with the experienced attorneys of Arnold & Smith, PLLC, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 704.370.2828.