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Statesville, North Carolina

Statesville is a small city in Iredell County, North Carolina. The county seat of Iredell County, Statesville is home to a population of roughly 28,000. Statesville has grown in recent decades due to its location at the crossroads of I-77 and I-40, whose junctions are located in the northern part of town. That location makes Statesville an ideal hub for warehouses and distribution centers in the Piedmont area.

Interstate 77 is hardly the first major transportation route that has run through Statesville. As early as 1833, train tracks were laid in Statesville to connect the city with the rest of the country. By 1858, Statesville was an important east-west railroad interchange for passengers looking to go south to Charlotte or east to Raleigh. This position of importance also made it a key distribution center for herbs, tobacco products, and whiskey. Iredell County led the state for nearly 50 years in production of tobacco and whiskey.

As the world switched from trains to automobiles, Statesville has evolved to keep up with the times while keeping the working-class soul that made it a desirable destination in the first place. Now, Statesville is a thriving city with a classic, walkable downtown district lined with shops and local businesses. Located near the center of downtown Statesville is the Iredell County Courthouse located at 226 Stockton St, Statesville, NC, 28677. Most district and superior court matters in Iredell County will take place here, however also located in Iredell County is an annex courthouse in Mooresville at 610 E Center Ave, Mooresville NC, 28115. Federal court matters that arise in Statesville will be handled at either the United States Western District of North Carolina Courthouse in Statesville, located at 200 West Broad Street, Statesville NC, 28677, or at the courthouse in Charlotte, located at 401 West Trade Street, Charlotte NC, 28202.

Statesville residents are protected by the Statesville Police Department, a large department with 81 officers as of 2019. With 3.375 officers per 1,000 residents, Statesville is well above national average when it comes to police staffing. The Statesville PD works hard to solve every crime reported, and their clearance rate (the percentage of charges laid against crimes committed) is slightly above the state average. As with any city, Statesville has its own local ordinances that may differ from county-wide laws, so it might be helpful for a lawyer taking cases in Statesville to be familiar with these ordinances and the local police department. The experienced criminal law attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, have years of practice in the Statesville and Iredell County area. Criminal matters we can assist with include:

  • Property crime (allegations of theft, breaking and entering, robbery, embezzlement, workplace theft, identity theft, fraud and other white-collar crimes)
  • Sex offenses (including sexual assault, rape, crimes against nature, questions about the sex offender registry, etc.)
  • Assault and issues related to domestic violence
  • Expungement requests
  • Drunk driving (DWI, DUI, boating while impaired, driver’s license suspension, driver’s license revocation, etc.)
  • Drugs (including possession, sale, and trafficking charges, and issues related to marijuana use and possession)
  • Traffic infractions (including speeding, seat belt issues, reckless driving, etc.)
  • Violent criminal matters (such as murder, felony murder and manslaughter)

In addition to criminal defense matters, the attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, also handle many civil law issues that you may face in Statesville, North Carolina. Our work includes divorce and family law issues, custody disputes, personal injury cases, and business disputes or litigation. More specifically, our attorneys assist with issues including:

  • Issues concerning divorce and/or separation
  • Property division in divorce (including equitable distribution, valuation of marital property, determination of separate pre-marital property, etc.)
  • Issues concerning alienation of affection, infidelity, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and abandonment
  • Support-related matters (including spousal support, the impact of adultery on spousal support requests, lifetime alimony, support modification and termination requests, etc.)
  • Same-sex issues (including same-sex adoption, divorce and custody issues)
  • Adoption
  • Child support issues (such as the awarding of temporary child support, permanent child support, modification of child support orders, impact of job loss on child support, etc.)
  • Custody questions (including concerns about custody division, parenting agreements, visitation requests, custody modification requests, and termination of parental rights).
  • Personal injury issues (such as slip-and-fall injuries, car accident cases, truck accident cases, medical malpractice matters, product liability incidents, etc.)
  • Business disputes (such as contractual disagreements, claims of fraud or deceptive business practices)

Our attorneys are at home in Iredell County courts, with years of practice in the area. We recently expanded our offices to better serve the Iredell County area by opening an office in Mooresville, North Carolina, at 645 Carpenter Avenue, Mooresville, NC 28115. If you need assistance with a legal matter in the Statesville, North Carolina area, do not hesitate to reach out to schedule your consultation with the experienced attorneys of Arnold & Smith, PLLC, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 704.370.2828.