Family Law and Divorce Videos

Do I need an attorney to get a Divorce in North Carolina? How is the amount of child support decided in North Carolina? Can any attorney help me with my family law needs in North Carolina? How can an attorney help me with my Divorce or Separation in North Carolina? How long does getting a divorce take? How much does it cost to get divorced, and how does the billing process work? What are my custody rights if the other parent moves? What can I do to gain custody of my child in North Carolina? My wife and I are not getting along If I leave the house, can she get me for abandonment? When do you get alimony? What does a No-Fault divorce mean in NC? Does adultery affect my divorce case? What rules are there for Father's Right in NC? Does adultery affect who gets custody? Is there some property that the judge cannot divide? How will the judge divide our property? What does uncontested divorce mean? Can I get the judge to order my spouse to pay my attorney's fees in a property division case? What children's expenses are not covered by child support? Who pays for the children's health insurance and co-pays? If I remarry, can they look at my new spouse's income? What happens when a person's income is not guaranteed and fluctuates from year to year Are overtime, bonuses, and commissions included in calculating child support? I'm considering separating from my spouse; what actions should I refrain from doing? I'm not getting along with my husband. We've been married two weeks and it was a mistake. Can't I just get an annulment? What children's expenses are covered by child support?