The Most Important Factors in a Custody Battle

A custody battle can be an incredibly daunting and stressful process, but it can also be one of the most important aspects of your divorce. Although dividing money and property is obviously important, most parents would agree that their children represent the most crucial aspect of their entire life. Because of this, these spouses fight harder in custody battles than any other aspect of their divorce. It is an understandable approach. After all, you will only have the ability to spend limited amounts of time with your child if your custody battle goes wrong.

So, how do you approach this situation in the most efficient, confident way possible? The first thing you need to know is that every child custody decision is based on the child’s best interests. Your own personal desires and priorities have absolutely no impact on a judge’s decision, and you will need to base your entire argument around what is best for the child. The best way to do this is to become aware of the various factors that can affect child custody decisions.

If you are serious about winning your custody battle, you should get in touch with a qualified divorce attorney as soon as possible. Our legal professionals can assess your unique situation during a consultation before guiding you towards the best possible outcome. Based on our legal advice, you can choose the best overall strategy for this challenging undertaking. Remember, internet research can only get you so far, and a one-on-one consultation is often the only way to receive personalized, effective advice.

Your Ability to Cooperate With the Other Parent

Many parents make the mistake of being incredibly confrontational and hostile to their exes during the divorce, but this approach can seriously backfire. It may be especially detrimental during custody disputes, since your relationship with your ex is one of the things a judge will consider before making their final decision. But why does your relationship with your ex matter if you are getting divorced? Essentially, the judge will only consider whether you are able to cooperate with the other parent as you both continue to raise your children together.

Any uncooperative acts will reflect badly upon you. Things like trash-talking your ex on social media, openly questioning their parenting abilities, failing to deliver the children for agreed-upon visitation, and telling your children negative things about your ex can all be extremely problematic. You should do your best to approach co-parenting in a professional, calm, and respectful manner. Otherwise, you may end up spending less time with your children.

The Child’s Wishes

Many parents also forget that the child’s wishes may play a role in the custody decision. Remember, this decision affects their life more than perhaps any other. Under certain circumstances, a judge may consider a child’s wishes in determining the best custody arrangement. In order for a child’s preference to be considered, the child must be of a mature disposition. Unlike many other states, North Carolina does not require that a child needs to reach a specific age before their preference is considered. A judge can use their own discretion when determining whether a child is mature enough to state their preference.

Your Connection With the Child

Perhaps the most important factor of all involves your connection with the child. But this connection is not always as straightforward as many parents assume. Judges consider a number of factors, and contrary to popular opinion, they do not merely look at which parent spent the most time with the children during the marriage. If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive custody outcome, make sure to learn everything you can about your child; their hobbies, their interests, their fears, their best subjects in school, and so on.

Judges also consider your ability to care for a child. Some parents may spend more time with their children, but that does not necessarily make them better able to provide effective care.

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