Collaborative Divorce: Is it Really That Cheap and Fast?

Most spouses are attracted to collaborative divorce for two main reasons: It’s cheap, and it’s fast. But are the rumors really true? Can you really save thousands of dollars by choosing collaborative law rather than a “traditional,” litigated divorce? What about the supposed speed of this process? Can you really wrap up your divorce in a matter of days or weeks if you choose collaborative divorce? Is this process really that much faster than going through the trial process? And more importantly, why is this process so fast and cheap?

These are all important questions if you are considering a collaborative divorce. If you want answers, your best bet is to sit down with a qualified attorney in North Carolina who has plenty of experience with collaborative divorce. Our legal professionals can explain every aspect of collaborative divorce, including the many benefits of this process. After you gain a full understanding of this process, you can decide whether you would like to move forward. If you choose to proceed, our attorney can help you resolve your divorce.

Why is a Collaborative Divorce So Fast?

Collaborative divorces can be quick to resolve for a number of reasons. First of all, there are fewer delays when you avoid the courts. The legal system is constantly dealing with a backlog of cases, and you may have to wait weeks before your case is even heard by a judge. In contrast, you can meet up with your spouse and start drafting a separation agreement whenever it is convenient.

The actual speed of a collaborative divorce depends on whether the spouses can negotiate effectively. If you navigate this entire negotiation process without any major impasses, your agreement may be drafted in a matter of days. If you encounter a few issues that need to be resolved, you may need to wait a few more weeks to come to a satisfactory compromise. Whatever the case may be, a collaborative divorce is almost always faster than a litigated divorce.

Why is a Collaborative Divorce So Cheap?

The relatively low cost of a collaborative divorce is a direct reflection of its speedy nature. The faster you can get this situation resolved, the cheaper it will be. This is because attorneys are paid by the hour. You can limit the cost of your divorce even further by hashing out the details of your agreement with your spouse in private – before an attorney ever gets involved. In addition, there are many additional legal fees if you go through the courts with a litigated divorce.

There is a Third Major Benefit

While it is true that collaborative divorce can indeed be fast and cheap, there is also a third significant benefit that many people need to remember. Collaborative divorce is often much less stressful. This might even be more important than cost and time, as the emotional aspect of your divorce can often be the most draining and detrimental thing you will be dealing with.

Limiting the toll that divorce takes on your mind is incredibly important. Dealing with your divorce in a civilized and stress-free manner also sets the stage for your future relationship with your ex. This can be crucial if you are sharing custody in the future. The last thing you want is for feelings of bitterness and resentment to affect your children after both spouses have been dragged through a nasty trial.

A collaborative divorce is less stressful compared to a litigated divorce for a number of reasons. Firstly, you have more control over the outcome, and you are not worrying about how a judge will rule. Secondly, the trial process is infamously complex and tiresome, and you will need to take more time out of your day to attend court. At the end of the day, collaborative law is clearly an easier, less demanding process.

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