How to Keep a Divorce Private in North Carolina

Most spouses want to keep their divorces private. After all, a failed marriage can be somewhat embarrassing, and it is not exactly something you want the whole world to know about. On the other hand, some spouses seem to compulsively post about their divorce on social media, telling anyone who will listen the most intimate details of their separation. And of course, there are plenty of celebrity divorces that make headlines around the world, giving everyone unparalleled incidents into the circumstances surrounding the breakup.

If you would rather keep your divorce as private as possible, there are plenty of steps you can take to pursue high levels of confidentiality. One of the best possible methods is to pursue a collaborative divorce instead of a litigated divorce. This option comes with many benefits, and it is a process favored by many high-profile entrepreneurs and celebrities who want to prioritize privacy. If you would like to explore this method further, your best bet is to get in touch with a collaborative law attorney in North Carolina.

During your first consultation, our collaborative law attorneys can explain how this process works, and how it might benefit you. Once you have a solid understanding of the process, you can decide whether you would like to move forward.

Why Spouses Might Want to Keep Divorces Private

Spouses may want to keep divorces private for a number of reasons. First of all, they may simply be embarrassed about the fact that their marriage came to an end rather than any particular detail of the breakup. These individuals may want to handle their divorce behind closed doors rather than pursuing a public trial, in which every detail goes on record.

Spouses might also want to keep their divorces private because of financial details. As a result of a divorce, spouses may be forced to reveal exactly how much they earn and the total net worth of their assets. This can be somewhat embarrassing – especially if you are a public figure who does not want to reveal your debts. Individuals with high net worths may also want to avoid revealing their total wealth out of concerns about becoming a target for theft or scams.

Finally, spouses may be concerned about embarrassing details reaching the public. For example, a spouse might have a substance abuse problem that is revealed over the course of the divorce. Or perhaps one spouse was unfaithful to the other. These details are best kept under wraps.

How Collaborative Divorces Keep Divorces Private

One of the best ways to keep a divorce private is to pursue a collaborative divorce. This approach means that spouses never go through a trial. This in turn ensures that none of these details are even put on public record. Instead of a trial, spouses can simply negotiate the details of their divorce settlement behind closed doors and with the assistance of their attorneys. Of course, client-attorney privilege means that your lawyer will never reveal what happens inside the negotiation room. You can even introduce non-disclosure clauses in your divorce agreement that will enforce the confidentiality of the negotiations and enat penalties for anyone who makes these details public.

When a Private Divorce Is Impossible

Sometimes, a private divorce is impossible. For example, one spouse may decide that they want to make certain details public to intentionally embarrass their ex. In any case, both spouses must agree to a collaborative divorce in order for this process to go ahead. If both spouses cannot agree that this is the right choice, a litigated, public trial is the only real option remaining. Unfortunately, some spouses feel that their best chance of success lies in accusing the other spouse of misconduct – and doing so in a public setting. However, you can attempt to dissuade your ex from this course of action by highlighting the benefits of a collaborative divorce, including lower costs and shorter turnaround times.

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