How to Reduce Costs in a Divorce

If you are going through a divorce in North Carolina, you probably want to limit the cost of this process as much as possible. After all, there is no sense in spending more money than you have to. Even spouses with near-limitless bank accounts should strive to reduce costs as a matter of principle. And of course, spouses with limited funds should also reduce costs to ensure financial security in their post-marriage lives. The truth is that divorce can take an enormous financial toll on both spouses, and it can be difficult to maintain and grow your wealth after your marriage. This is especially true if you expect to pay alimony and child support. On the other hand, “receiving” spouses can struggle just as much – perhaps more so. So, what are some good ways to reduce costs in a divorce?

If you are serious about saving money, one of the first things you should do is book a consultation with the most qualified divorce attorney you can find in North Carolina. Our legal professionals can listen carefully while you explain your concerns and needs during an initial meeting. Next, we will provide you with legal advice based on these needs, helping you strive toward a cost-effective divorce. With our help, you can also make your divorce as efficient as possible, ensuring that you are saving money and addressing key concerns with the necessary levels of care and attention.

Choose Collaborative Divorce

One of the best ways to reduce costs in a divorce is to simply choose collaborative law instead of a litigated process. Compared to a litigated divorce, a collaborative divorce can be significantly cheaper. This is because collaborative divorces help you sidestep the trial process altogether, which is usually the most expensive aspect of a traditional divorce. Trials involve numerous court fees, delays, appeals, and so on. A trial can also drag on for months or even years, and you need to continue paying your attorney throughout this entire period. The longer your divorce takes to resolve, the more expensive it will be.

In contrast, a collaborative divorce takes place outside of the courtroom and involves a relatively straightforward negotiation process. Not only can you avoid court fees, but you can also resolve your divorce more quickly. In some cases, collaborative divorces can be resolved in a matter of weeks or even days. In addition, collaborative divorces can help limit disputes and bitterness, resulting in a more positive mental health experience for the spouses and their children.

Avoid Paying for Appraisals

Another solid way to lower costs is to skip the appraisals. While it might seem important to get an “official” price for your home or your vehicles, the best approach is to simply agree upon a fair value with your spouse. If you can do this, you eliminate appraisal costs, which can be quite significant.

Limit Contact with Your Lawyer

Remember, you are paying your lawyer by the hour. This means that if you can figure out how to handle something by yourself, you should probably avoid contacting your lawyer. Phone calls may be charged to you, so it might be better to email or text. Your divorce lawyer is not a therapist, either – so keep conversations on legal matters alone. As a general note, you and your spouse should try to resolve as many issues as possible before your lawyers get involved to limit costs.

Organize Your Financial Documents

Another solid choice is to organize your financial documents as best you can before your lawyer gets involved. For most divorces, going through these financial documents represents the most time-consuming aspect of this process. If you can save your lawyer from doing this, you could save yourself significant costs.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you are approaching a divorce in North Carolina, reach out to Arnold & Smith, PLLC at your earliest convenience. If you are concerned about the cost of your divorce, we can guide you toward affordable solutions. Thanks to a wealth of experience with collaborative divorce, we can help you make the most of this process. Not only is collaborative divorce cheaper than litigated divorce in most cases, but it can also be much faster to resolve. This means that you can limit stress, walk away from your marriage, and move on with your life in a dignified way. Book your consultation as soon as possible, and we can start to discuss specific strategies to help you pursue a cost-effective, efficient divorce.