Is Collaborative Divorce a Good Idea?

If you are approaching a divorce in North Carolina, you might be wondering whether or not collaborative divorce is a good idea. You may have heard from friends and family about the benefits of this process. Maybe you have done a little bit of internet research on your own, and you have discovered this possibility by yourself. Maybe you have already spoken with various legal professionals who have recommended this choice. So, is it really a good idea? When should couples choose this option, and when should they avoid it? Can a collaborative divorce work for everyone?

While speaking with friends and doing internet research can be helpful, you really need to get in touch with a qualified legal professional in order to find real answers. The best choice for you depends on your unique situation. In order to receive targeted, personalized legal advice, you need to book a consultation with a family law attorney in North Carolina. Ideally, you should connect with a lawyer who has experience with the collaborative law process. Our attorneys can assess your unique situation and recommend the best course of action. Often, collaborative law can be an excellent choice for divorcing spouses in North Carolina – but not always.

Do You Want to Save Money?

Collaborative divorce is often a good idea if you want to save money. This process often results in far fewer costs and legal fees compared to a traditional, litigated divorce. Because you avoid the courtroom as much as possible with a collaborative divorce, you can expect a cheaper overall experience. You will also likely pay fewer attorney fees, as your attorney will not be required to spend as much time working on your divorce.

Do You Want to Save Time?

Speaking of time, collaborative divorce is also a solid choice if you want to get your divorce over with as quickly as possible. We all know that trials can drag on for months or even years, and a collaborative divorce helps you avoid this. In fact, a collaborative divorce can be resolved in a matter of weeks or even days – especially if both spouses are willing to work together to resolve their differences. Spouses can even meet before the negotiations begin to speak about various issues, giving themselves a headstart and saving even more time.

Do You Want a Less Stressful Divorce?

A cheaper, quicker divorce obviously results in a less stressful overall experience. But there is more to it than that. A litigated divorce can be incredibly combative, with both spouses trying to “score points” against the other. Even if spouses enter the divorce process on relatively amicable terms, the trial process can cause bitterness and resentment. The entire structure of a trial pits spouses against each other, leading to considerable stress and lasting issues.

Do You Want to Put Less Strain on Your Children?

A litigated divorce can also be quite stressful for your children to experience. If you want to limit the psychological damage of your separation, you might want to consider a collaborative divorce. Since this process requires parents to work together and compromise with one another, it sends a positive message to the children, who will feel encouraged by the continued functioning of the family.

Can You and Your Spouse Work Together?

At the end of the day, collaborative divorce does require both spouses to work together – at least to some degree. As long as spouses are willing to sit down in the same room and tackle their divorce in an organized, professional manner, collaborative law can work wonders. But if the mere thought of being in the same room as your spouse is untenable, you might want to consider another option. To successfully resolve your divorce using the collaborative law process, you have to be willing to compromise and seek a mutually beneficial resolution.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the North Carolina area for a qualified, experienced collaborative law attorney, look no further than Arnold & Smith, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous divorcing spouses in the Tar Heel State, and we know that choosing the right path forward is not always easy. Book a consultation today, and we can explain everything there is to know about the collaborative divorce process. If you agree that this is the best choice, we can then guide you forward and help you resolve your divorce with this reliable, quick, and easy method. Reach out today and take your first steps toward a positive resolution.