What is Collaborative Divorce in North Carolina?

There are many ways to handle a divorce in North Carolina, and one of these methods is known as collaborative divorce. Also known as “collaborative law,” this option provides you with several notable benefits. Many couples choose collaborative divorce in North Carolina, and you might also be considering whether or not this is the right choice for you. While collaborative divorce certainly is not for everyone, it just might be the perfect option for you.

If you are considering collaborative divorce as you approach your separation, get in touch with our qualified, experienced divorce attorneys in North Carolina. Our attorneys have experience with collaborative law, and we can guide you through the divorce process. With our assistance, you can experience all of the advantages of collaborative divorce while avoiding common mistakes.

What Makes Collaborative Divorce Different?

Collaborative divorce is different from a “normal” divorce for a number of reasons. The most important thing to remember is that all of the critical aspects of collaborative divorce take place outside of the courtroom. In other divorces, matters such as child support, child custody, alimony, and property division are all handled as part of a trial. A judge oversees these matters and makes sure the overall decision is fair or “equitable.” In a collaborative divorce, these matters are handled privately between the spouses with the help of trained professionals. At the end of the collaborative divorce process, both spouses sign a contract or agreement outlining all of the major decisions they have agreed upon.

Why Should I Choose a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is extremely popular among separating spouses in North Carolina for a number of reasons. You should be aware of these benefits if you are considering whether or not collaborative divorce is the right choice for you.

One of the most essential advantages is privacy. Most couples don’t want to “air their dirty laundry” in public, and that is exactly what happens with a public trial. This might be an especially critical concern if the details of your marriage are embarrassing or potentially damaging to your reputation. You can keep these actions private with a collaborative divorce and permanently put it all behind you.

Couples also appreciate collaborative divorce for the level of control it affords them. There is always a certain degree of unpredictability with a trial. You really have no idea what the judge is going to decide, and you are “at their mercy,” so to speak. With collaborative divorce, both spouses can make sure that a decision is reached that satisfies both parties.

In addition, trials can be incredibly draining, both in terms of your energy level and your bank account. Some divorce trials can drag on for years, and it is always more expensive when you go to court. With a collaborative divorce, you can save more money while wrapping up the trial in a timely manner.

In many ways, collaborative divorces provide individuals with a greater sense of closure, and they can represent somewhat of a healing process for everyone involved. When you sit down and speak with your spouse in a private space where positive communication is encouraged, the divorce can feel more “human.” With the strict rules and regulations of a trial, it is easy for spouses to walk away with feelings of resentment and bitterness, even if they were previously on good terms.

These benefits also extend to your children. Watching parents separate is stressful enough for young ones, and being forced to go through a trial process that they hardly understand can cause even more damage to their mental state. A collaborative divorce means that they will not have to go through a trial, and they can move on with their lives in the easiest way possible.

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