Why is Collaborative Divorce So Popular in North Carolina?

Collaborative divorce has become increasingly popular over the decades. Once just a curious, experimental approach to ending a marriage, collaborative law is now truly mainstream in the legal world. Across the entire nation, more couples are turning to this process than ever before, and North Carolina is certainly no exception. Collaborative law first emerged back in 1990 when an innovative Minneapolis lawyer named Stu Webb realized there was a better way to deal with ending marriages. Since then, the process has been widely adopted across the legal world. In addition, it is now a standardized process with universal training programs and certifications.

The history of divorce in the United States goes back almost 500 years, so it is incredible to think that development just a few decades ago has had such a major impact on this area of law. But why is collaborative divorce so popular? Why do so many spouses in North Carolina choose this method when ending their marriages? A variety of factors may be attractive to spouses today, and different people may choose collaborative divorce for different reasons.

If you would like to go over the benefits of collaborative divorce, your best bet is to get in touch with a qualified divorce attorney in North Carolina. Obviously, you will want to connect with a lawyer who is well-versed in the details of collaborative law. Our legal professionals can assess your unique situation and help you determine whether or not collaborative law is the right choice for you. After you consider the benefits of this process, we will then help you resolve your collaborative divorce in the best way possible.


We all know that many people in the United States are dealing with greater economic pressures than ever before. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is getting steadily larger with time, and the 1% are consolidating their fortunes at a stunning rate. This means that spouses are far more likely to choose affordable options when they divorce. And as it turns out, collaborative divorce is incredibly affordable compared to a litigated divorce. Because you do not need to go through a trial, you will not be spending as much money on legal fees. Less time equals fewer costs, and collaborative divorce can be resolved in a matter of weeks or even days. The affordability of collaborative law is a major factor in its popularity.


Even spouses who have endless funds can benefit from a speedy divorce. Unless bitter spouses want to delay the divorce process out of spite, most people simply want to move on with their lives when the marriage comes to an end. Collaborative divorces are especially popular because they can be resolved extremely quickly. In fact, spouses can meet privately and hash out all the details of their divorce before any lawyers get involved. Now compare that to a litigated divorce, which involves a long trial process subject to endless appeals and delays. It should be no wonder that collaborative divorce is so popular when you consider the speed at which it can be resolved.


Collaborative divorces are also popular because they are less stressful and easier to handle on an emotional level. Because spouses meet behind closed doors, disputes can be handled in a civil manner – possibly with the guidance of attorneys. Our professionals are trained to handle disputes in a civil, respectful manner. On the other hand, trials can be extremely combative. Handling your divorce in a more civil manner has a number of benefits:

  • Less trauma for the children
  • You can avoid feelings of bitterness and resentment after the divorce
  • Reduce the mental health burden for yourself
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If you have been searching the North Carolina area for a qualified, experienced collaborative law attorney, look no further than Arnold & Smith, PLLC. We have been helping spouses with this process for many years, and we understand the popularity of this system better than most. While collaborative law might not be for everyone, it can help the vast majority of spouses resolve their divorces in a quick, affordable, and convenient manner. Book your consultation today, and we can help you determine whether or not this is the best option for your unique situation. If you would like to move forward, we can negotiate on your behalf, help you draft a divorce agreement and much more.