Why it is So Important to Get Out of Dangerous Marriages

If you find yourself in a dangerous marriage, it is easy to be intimidated into staying. You might be worried about what could happen if you choose to divorce. Will your spouse seek revenge against you? Will your decision put your children in danger? How do you guarantee their safety? How do you get the protection you need while you attempt to navigate the legal process and end your marriage? Faced with these concerns, many spouses simply choose to stay in dangerous marriages and believe that there is no way out. But this could be the most dangerous decision of all. At the end of the day, it is important to get out of abusive marriages as quickly as possible, as remaining can put you and your family in even greater danger.

Murder-Suicide Shocks North Carolina

On January 7, it was reported that five people had lost their lives in a North Carolina murder-suicide. Police arrived at the scene after two minors were heard “screaming for help.” They then discovered a total of five deceased individuals, including two adults and three children. Police later reported that this individual had a history of mental illness, but the exact motive was unclear. The deceased individuals were later revealed to be part of the same family, including a mother and her children. The shooter was the father.

Just one day later, a similar situation was reported in Michigan. Once again, a father opened fire in his own home, killing his wife and two daughters before turning the gun on himself. Police did not reveal a motive in this situation, but it may have been that the husband was served with divorce papers and reacted violently.

A few days earlier, another murder-suicide occurred in Utah. In this case, the husband shot his family of seven before committing suicide, leaving a total of eight bodies in his home. This included his wife, his mother-in-law, and his five children. Police immediately reported that his wife had filed a divorce petition just a few weeks earlier – providing a clear motive for the murder-suicide. However, investigators stressed that the exact circumstances of this tragic incident are not clear.

There is a Path to Safety

If you find yourself in a dangerous marriage, you should know that there is a clear path to safety. One of the best ways to guarantee your safety and that of your children is to pursue a protection order. Also known as a “Domestic Violence Protective Order” (DVPO), this court order prevents your abusive spouse from getting too close to you. If they violate this court order, they will face serious legal consequences. It is important to note that you can get a protective order even if you merely fear that your spouse will become violent in the future. There does not need to be a past history of violence. You can get a protection order if any of the following factors are present:

  • Your spouse has caused or attempted to cause physical injury
  • You fear “imminent serious bodily injury”
  • Harassment causing substantial emotional distress
  • You have been sexually assaulted

Because of the dangers involved, protection orders can be granted very quickly. From there, you can move to a safe location with your family. You might also have the opportunity to stay in your family home and force your spouse to move out. Your spouse could be required to pay your living expenses while you move forward with your divorce.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Divorce Attorney in North Carolina?

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